Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting, Geelong

Peter Landers leads our team of forensic accountants. Holding a Bachelor of Laws from Macquarie University, and with more than four decades of experience in the accounting industry, Peter understands the complexities of business.

Whether you are experiencing matters relating to fraud, commercial acquisitions or family law, we have a proven track record that will assist you with investigations, analysing and establishing the facts, delivering conclusive reports and providing expert witness in court.

Forensic accounting services

If your business is facing a legal dispute over money, Peter A. Landers & Co. should be your first point of call. Get in touch with our Geelong forensic accountants as quickly as possible for help with:

  • contract compliance
  • dispute advisory
  • transaction analysis.

We have the experience, understanding and qualifications to assist with forensic investigations and provide expert witness services.

We are also qualified and accredited to provide taxation services, independent business valuationsbusiness accounting services and SMSF auditing in Geelong.


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